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Florida State's Clinical Psychology program is one of the leading clinical psychology doctoral programs in the country, ranking 2nd in the nation in grant funding according to the National Science Foundation. The caliber of the students and faculty, emphasis on scientific rigor and innovation, and commitment to training highly productive clinical scientists consistently make FSU's program stand out.


For students interested in suicide research, FSU Psychology offers another distinct advantage: the concentration of suicide researchers. In addition to our lab, FSU Psychology is home to Drs. Thomas Joiner and Joseph Franklin, whose research also focus heavily on advancing the understanding, treatment, and prevention of suicidal behavior. Even outside of primary suicide researchers, many of the faculty members (e.g., Drs. Baumeister, Cougle, McNulty, Keel, Patrick, Schmidt, among others) and students have secondary interests in suicidal behavior, with several having independently secured research funding to pursue primary suicide research.